Legislature Approves All Base Budget Bills, Securing Funding for Compensation

The appropriations subcommittees passed their base budget bills during the second week of the legislative session. Each base budget was presented on the house and senate floor for approval by the body. The committee base budgets were passed to ensure funding was set aside for appropriation priorities. This process was expedited during the 2021 Legislative Session because of cuts during the summer special sessions. The base budget bills secure funding while leaving flexibility for discussion and debate. Additional appropriations can be included throughout the session.

H.B. 8State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Appropriations also passed through both legislative bodies last week. The passage of this bill secures funding for a 3% labor market increase for state employees, which will go into effect on July 1, 2021. It also covers funding the 4.3% health insurance premium increase, coverage for retirement rate changes, and continuation of the up to $26 per-pay-period 401(k) match for the URS defined contribution plan.

As the 2021 Legislative Session continues, UPEA will lobby to secure additional funding for compensation and state employee benefits.

Click the links below to read each base budget bill:

SB0005 Natural Resources, Agriculture, & Environmental Quality Base Budget Hinkins, D.
SB0006 Executive Offices & Criminal Justice Base Budget Owens, D. R.
SB0007 Social Services Base Budget Anderegg, J.
HB0001 Higher Education Base Budget Miles, K.
HB0004 Business, Economic Development & Labor Base Budget Watkins, C.
HB0006 Infrastructure and General Government Base Budget Sagers, D.
HB0007 National Guard, Veteran Affairs, & Legislative Base Budget Last, B.
SB0001 Public Education Base Budget Fillmore, L.