UPEA Opposes H.B. 280 and Continues Lobbying Efforts to Protect the Merit System

House Bill 280, State Employee Amendments, sponsored by Representative Kay Christofferson was released on Monday, February 1.  UPEA is very concerned and opposes H.B. 280 in its current form – This bill will affect current Schedule B state employees who supervise one or more employees.  In addition, this bill will create a new Schedule AX exempt position.  On or after May 5, 2021, supervisory employees can either keep their career service status (Schedule B) or convert to career service exempt status (Schedule AX).

This means that an employee who chooses to retain their career service status (Schedule B) will keep this status only if they remain in their current position.  If the employee is promoted or transferred to a different supervisory position, the employee will become Schedule AX career service exempt or at-will.

UPEA has attempted to contact Rep Christofferson to discuss HB280 and has been unable to schedule a meeting because he is currently receiving treatment for COVID-19.  HB280’s status will remain unknown until communication resumes with Rep Christofferson.

UPEA’s Executive Director, Todd Losser, met with the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget to discuss UPEA’s opposition to HB280.  UPEA has also requested information and data from DHRM to fully understand the impact of this bill.

UPEA employee representatives are available for questions by phone or email and will request member support and action when more information is available and the status of the bill is clarified.

Please share this email with your coworkers, let them know about HB280, and ask them to support the career service system by joining and becoming a member.  UPEA is your only voice – we need your support to overcome attacks on public employees and the career service system. Join UPEA today!