Senator Makes Another Request for a Public Sector Compensation Study

During the Executive Appropriations Committee on Thursday, February 11th, Senator Luz Escamilla (D-1) returned to make the same request she has made for the past few years: A Comprehensive Public Sector Compensation Study. “It is difficult to address compensation issues when we don’t truly know the details and where the disparities exist.”

The University of Utah is requesting $280,000 to conduct a study on public sector compensation. The goal of the study is to give a broad context of Utah’s specific employment environment and to give nuance that is necessary to fully understand best practices already in place and determine opportunities to improve the public sector workforce. The study will look at turnover rates, hiring practices, contract workers, work environment, performance review process, and other data available data.

The Department of Human Resources Management (DHRM) will facilitate and administer a survey the university prepares for state employees. If this request is funded, UPEA will keep members updated on the process of the study.