FY 22 Budget Nearing Finalization

The critical work of putting together the state’s budget for FY 22 is almost complete.  The Executive Appropriations Committee (EAC) met to discuss final revenue estimates and supplemental appropriations to the base budget.  The base budget was approved and adopted at the beginning of the Legislative session.

At their final EAC meeting, new revenue estimates were adopted and budget actions were taken. Funding for targeted positions was included in the supplemental appropriations – This funding will result in additional increases for certain positions beyond the 3% increase for all state employees. UPEA has contacted DHRM and the Governor’s Office of Management & Budget to confirm whether or not all of the targeted positions recommended in the FY22 Governor’s Budget were included funded.

Throughout the Legislative session UPEA advocated that the savings identified from the Program II sick leave ($12.8 million) be placed in compensation.  It appears this savings was used to fund the targeted positions.

Rep. Brian King (D) of Salt Lake City indicated that “the minority house caucus prioritized this funding to be added to the 3% increase.”

UPEA lobbyists will continue to work during the final week of the Legislative session to keep public employees at the forefront of conversations with legislators and other stakeholders during final budget discussions.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted their legislator.  Your input and dedication will benefit all public employees.