Participate in a UPEA Standing Committee

The best way to contribute and take an active role in Utah Public Employees’ Association (UPEA) is by participating in a standing committee. Each of these committees is a forum where ideas become actions.

UPEA standing committees provide direct input and recommendations from the general membership and districts to the Advisory Council and State Board. UPEA encourages members from all districts to become involved in these committees, share their input, and actively work toward the improvement of public employment. Members who cannot travel to the UPEA headquarters in Murray may participate online.


Below is a list and brief description of the UPEA standing committees.  If you would like to participate in a standing committee, please call 801-264-8732 or email the UPEA staff member or committee chairperson.

Articles & Bylaws

Reviews the UPEA Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation and makes recommended changes, which are then voted on by the Advisory Council and State Board.

Chair: Elaine Bonham,
Staff: Christy Berk

General Council

Coordinates and plans the annual General Council meeting. The committee will meet to discuss speakers, breakout sessions, and the menu. 

Chair: Judy Kearns,
Staff: Angie Mann

Grievance Appeal & representation

To help better represent our members, this committee reviews and provides recommendations regarding employee grievances and appeals. In the case of a grievance, the committee will meet to review the case, listen to the testimony of the person filing the grievance, and ask questions. The committee will also meet occasionally for training exercises.

Chair: Marsha Bentley,
Staff: Christy Berk and Hannah Gorski

Insurance & Retirement

The Insurance and Retirement committee tracks heath-care and retirement issues that affect public employees. Throughout the year, guest speakers from URS, PEHP, DHRM and others will present to the committee.

Chair: Max Collotzi,
Staff: Christy Berk and Samantha Unruh


The UPEA Legislative Standing Committee meets during the summer and fall months each year to review legislative issues that may come up at the next legislative session. The committee ranks issues that are most important and puts them in a legislative package. The legislative package serves as the foundation of UPEA’s lobbying efforts and provides the information that UPEA shares with policymakers to ensure they know which issues are most important to public employees.

Chair: Christie Workman,
Staff: Todd Losser and Kendle Zdunich

Human Resources Policy & Rules

The Human Resources Policy and Rules Standing Committee is responsible for tracking changes made to Human Resource rules and regulations being proposed by Human Resources or other governing bodies.  This committee also reviews the Human Resource rules pertaining to government agencies.

Chair: Christine Reyes,
Staff: Hannah Gorski and Samantha Unruh

Membership Services & Public Relations

The Membership Services and Public Relations Standing Committee is responsible for researching best practices for communicating with members and nonmembers. It formulates and develops a recruitment plan to enhance public relations and increase membership.

Chair: Alene Stringham,
Staff: Kendle Zdunich and Samantha Unruh


This committee gathers resolutions from districts and other standing committees.  The resolutions are compiled for review and voted upon during General Council.  The committee also follows up on approved resolutions. 

Chair: Jackie Pino,
Staff: Hannah Gorski