Rules Corner – Performance Improvement Plans

According to Division of Human Resources Management (DHRM) Rule R477-10-2, when an employee’s performance does not meet established standards due to failure to maintain skills, incompetence, or inefficiency, and after consulting with DHRM, agency management may place an employee on an appropriate and documented performance improvement plan (PIP). Career service employees may be placed on a PIP for failing a performance evaluation.

Performance improvement plans shall identify or provide for:

  • A designated period of time for improvement
  • An opportunity for remediation
  • Performance expectations
  • Closer supervision to include regular feedback of the employee’s progress
  • Notice of disciplinary action for failure to improve

Performance improvement plans may also identify or provide training, reassignment, and/or use of appropriate leave depending on the nature of the performance issue.

While on a PIP, Utah Public Employees’ Association (UPEA) staff recommends that the employee makes completing the PIP successfully a priority to avoid future discipline. After the designated period of time for improvement, normally 90 days, the supervisor must provide the employee with a written performance evaluation. The evaluation depends on the results of the weekly progress meetings and the midpoint evaluation. Employees can submit a written comments to accompany the PIP in their personnel files; this gives employees an opportunity to express their disagreement while still adhering to the requirements of their plans. This evaluation will rate the employee as having either completed the PIP successfully or unsuccessfully. If employees fails the PIP, they have the opportunity to file a grievance over the findings and/or the resulting discipline.

If you have questions about PIPs, please contact your employee representative.