Whirlwind Tour Originator Wishes UPEA Luck on Their Revival

In March 1985, the Utah Public Employees’ Association launched the “Whirlwind Tour,” with the aim to publicize UPEA goals and show appreciation for public employees. Beginning at the Utah State Capitol Building, members set out to visit 25 different agency locations over 4 months.

Mark Mickelsen, UPEA membership coordinator, said: “Our purpose is to acquaint all public employees with the goals and objectives of the Association and to pay tribute to those who have supported our efforts for the past 25 years.”

The four-month tour was geared for employees who did not know about the services and benefits offered by the Association, but it strived to include all public employees, including current members.

In May of 1985, the Whirlwind Tour continued with many trips from Salt Lake County to the southern and eastern worksites in St. George, Cedar City, Price, Ephraim, and Vernal. In August of 1985, after 45 days of the Whirlwind Tour, UPEA had held 82 presentations and traveled more than 4,000 miles. UPEA staffers signed up 252 new members at the presentations, recruiting an average of 5.6 new members per day!

Flash-forward to today, UPEA representatives will embark on the 2021 Whirlwind Tour this August! Staff members are excited at the prospects of sharing 60+ years of UPEA’s services and benefits of membership with public employees in a big way. More details to come!