A Message from UPEA President, Dennis Kay

We are back to work in what has been termed “the new normal” and the Utah Public Employees’ Association continues to pursue its mission; to be your advocate as a public employee.

This year, recruitment of new members is more important than ever. The UPEA staff and local UPEA districts will be conducting a two-part WHIRLWIND RECRUITMENT TOUR to visit public employees throughout the state. Bring your co-workers to any one of this series of events designed to help you show those you work with the benefits of being a member of UPEA. Enjoy some food, sign up for the raffle and get a UPEA shirt. Your support is essential to making this recruitment tour a success.

Please share your thoughts and ideas on how UPEA can better accomplish its mission as your advocate. You can email any member of the staff or State Board.

You can become more actively involved UPEA by serving on any of the Standing Committees wherein you have expertise, interest, or both. You can learn more about UPEA and current public employee issues by listening to the Public Employee Podcast (PEP Squad).

UPEA’s lobbying staff is continually working to bring attention to public employee issues with law makers and policy makers. These same policy makers and law makers are in ongoing discussions regarding what public employment will look like in the future (the new normal).  At-will employment continues to be examined, and even promoted, by some legislators. As happens each year, your public employee benefits; pay, leave policies, retirement and employee health insurance are examined. UPEA’s legislative priorities are determined by members – make your voice heard by sharing your opinions in 2022 Legislative Survey.

Thank you for supporting UPEA and serving the citizens of Utah.