Salt Lake County Council Approves Budget for 2022

The Salt Lake County Council passed the 2022 Budget on December 7, 2021.

The 2022 Budget includes:

  • Council-approved salary increases (effective 1/1/22)
    • 2% structure increase (structure and employee salaries)
    • 75% merit increase (based on 2021 PDP score of 3 or better)
    • $15 minimum (for permanent merit employees)
    • Sworn—separate increase plan will be enacted
  • Council-approved benefits changes (effective 1/1/22)
    • No premium increase for medical or dental plans
    • Addition of bariatric surgery coverage

UPEA attended the quarterly Employee Association meeting with the mayor’s office on December 16, 2021. The mayor’s office will be working on the following upcoming projects:   

  • Pay-for-performance system—Council Legislative Intent
  • Salary & Benefits Survey—Council Legislative Intent
    • Comprehensive market review of salaries and benefits
      • Include review of 401(k) match and Student Loan Repayment
      • Include review of $ toward purchase of service credits for URS retirement

UPEA will be working with the mayor’s office, councilmembers, UPEA members, and other stakeholders in 2022 to ensure county employees have a voice during the implementation of a more robust pay-for-performance pay structure. Please reach out to employee representative, Hannah Gorski, with concerns and ideas at or 801-264-8732 ext. 216.