2022 Legislative Bill Tracker


HB0002New Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations Act
This bill supplements or reduces appropriations otherwise provided for the support and operation of state government for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2022 and ending June 30, 2023.
Last, B.Passed House & SenateSupport
HB0012Public Safety Retirement Amendments
This bill modifies requirements related to retirement from a public safety or firefighter retirement system.
Gwynn, M.FiledSupport
HB0023First Responder Mental Health Services Amendments
This bill creates a grant program for mental health resources for first responders.
Wilcox, R.Passed House & SenateSupport
HB0057Government Records Access Amendments
This bill modifies provisions of the Government Records Access and Management Act related to electronic records.
Stoddard, A.FiledTracking
HB0061Post-Retirement Reemployment Amendments
This bill modifies the postretirement reemployment restrictions for a retiree who was a public safety service employee or a teacher.
Birkeland, K.FiledTracking
HB0066Public Employees Insurance Plan Amendments
This bill requires PEHP to discontinue the preferred network for the state risk pool.
Dunnigan, J.Passed House & SenateSupport
HB0070Public Safety Disability Benefits Amendments
This bill modifies long-term disability coverage provisions of the Utah State Retirement and Insurance Benefit Act.
Gwynn, M.Passed House & SenateSupport
HB0073Post Certification Amendments
This bill allows the council to take certain action if a peace officer violates minimum use of force standards; and makes technical changes.
Stoddard, A.FiledTracking
HB0089State Employee Cost Cutting Reporting Initiative
This bill creates the State Employee Cost Cutting Reporting Initiative.
Seegmiller, T.FiledTracking
S3HB0104State Employment Amendments
This bill enacts and amends provisions related to the employment and management of state personnel.
Christofferson, K.Passed House & SenateSupport
HB0169State and Local Employee Disaster Services
This bill modifies and enacts provisions related to state and local government disaster response personnel.
Burton, J.Passed House & SenateSupport
HB0233Disability Benefit Amendments
This bill amends the Public Employees' Long-Term Disability Act.
King, B.FiledSupport
HB0238State Holiday Modifications
This bill provides that Juneteenth National Freedom Day shall be observed on June 19 of each year as a holiday throughout the State.
Hollins, S.Passed House & SenateSupport
HB0348Public Employees Retirement Amendments
This bill modifies the post-retirement reemployment restrictions for public employees.
Winder, M.FiledSupport
HB0399Government Record Amendments
This bill modifies the list of records that may be classified as protected to include an employee statement given as part of a governmental entity's investigation into possible wrongdoing.
Wilcox, R.Passed House & SenateSupport
HB0449Bereavement Leave Modifications
This bill requires certain entities to provide bereavement leave for employees who are affected by a miscarriage or stillbirth.
Shipp, R.Passed House & SenateSupport
HB0460State Employee Retirement Amendments
This bill modifies provisions related to post-retirement reemployment.
Wilcox, R.FiledSupport
HCR0022Concurrent Resolution Encouraging the Employment of Qualified Ex-Offenders by Public Entities
This resolution encourages all public entities to take seriously the need to employ ex-offenders and supports the employment of qualified ex-offenders by public entities.
Matthews, A.FiledSupport


SB0008State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Appropriations
This bill supplements or reduces appropriations otherwise provided for the support and operation of state government for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2022 and ending June 30, 2023.
Ipson, D.Passed House & SenateSupport
SB0015Department of Government Operations
This bill amends provisions relating to the Department of Government Operations.
Millner, A.Passed House & SenateTracking
SB0024Utah Retirement Systems Amendments
This bill modifies the Utah State Retirement and Insurance Benefit Act.
Harper, W.Passed House & SenateTracking
SB0040Utah Protection of Public Employees Act Amendments
This bill amends the Utah Protection of Public Employees Act.
Thatcher, D.Passed House & SenateTracking
SB0045Department of Health and Human Services Amendments
This bill implements the reorganization of the Department of Health and Human Services.
Anderegg, J.Passed House & SenateTracking
SB0046Medical Cannabis Patient Protection Amendments
This bill amends protections for medical cannabis patients, including public employees.
Thatcher, D.Passed House & SenateSupport
SB0063Bereavement Leave Amendments
This bill requires state and local governments to provide bereavement leave for employees who experience a miscarriage or stillbirth.
Harper, W.Passed House & SenateSupport
SB0096Correctional Officer Eligibility Amendments
This bill removes the prohibition for 19-year-olds to work as correctional officers for the Department of Corrections.
Iwamoto, J.Passed House & SenateSupport
SB0100Paid Leave Modifications
This bill requires certain state employers to offer paid parental leave.
Weiler, T.Passed House & SenateSupport
SCR001Concurrent Resolution Authorizing State Pick Up of Public Safety & Fire Fighter Employee Retirement Contributions
This concurrent resolution increases the employer pick up of certain employee contributions required for state employees who are eligible for and participate as members in the New Public Safety and Firefighter Tier II Contributory Retirement System.
Harper, W.Passed House & SenateSupport


HB0005Natural Resources, Agriculture, & Environmental Quality Base BudgetBarlow, S.Passed House & SenateSupport
HB0006Executive Offices & Criminal Justice Base BudgetActon, C.Passed House & SenateSupport
HB0007Social Services Base BudgetWard, R.Passed House & SenateSupport
SB0001Higher Education Base BudgetGrover, K.Passed House & SenateSupport
SB0004Business, Economic Development & Labor Base BudgetMcKell, M.Passed House & SenateSupport
SB0006Infrastructure and General Government Base BudgetWilson, C.Passed House & SenateSupport
SB0007National Guard, Veteran Affairs, & Legislative Base BudgetStevenson, J.Passed House & SenateSupport


PendingParental Leave AmendmentsCollard, C.RequestedTracking
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