Appropriations Subcommittee Reports – Week One 2022

Each year the Utah State Legislature begins the session by reviewing base budgets and appropriation requests. These meetings occur daily until base budgets are finalized by each subcommittee. During this process, subcommittees hear presentations from agencies, fiscal analysts, and legislators about numerous funding requests. Each committee compiles a list of funding priorities, in addition to their base budget items, for the Executive Appropriations Committee to consider for final approval.

UPEA lobbyists attend appropriations subcommittees to track any potential changes for public employees as legislators and agencies make their priority requests for ongoing and one-time funding. During the process, UPEA lobbyists speak with legislators to protect, inform, and improve public employee jobs.

During the first week of the 2022 Legislative Session, the subcommittees began reviewing their base budgets and hearing from the agencies they oversee. Throughout the session, UPEA representatives will provide updates on the meetings through the weekly newsletter, podcast, and virtual recruitment and information forum.

Check out each of the subcommittees to find out legislators serving on the committee, funding items, legislation, and meeting minutes/recordings.

Funding Items: Alcoholic Beverage Control, Commerce, Cultural and Community Engagement, Economic Opportunity, Insurance, Labor Commission, Public Service Commission, Tax Commission

Funding Items: Attorney General, Board of Pardons and Parole, Corrections, Courts, Governor’s Office, Juvenile Justice Services, Office of the State Auditor, Public Safety, Rev Transfers-EOCJ, State Treasurer

Funding Items: Capital Budget, Debt Service, Department of Government Operations, Restricted Account Transfers, Rev Transfers, Transportation, Utah Education and Telehealth Network

Funding Items: Agriculture, Environmental Quality, Natural Resources, Rev Transfers-NRAE, School and Institutional Trust Lands

Funding Items: Department of Health and Human Services, Health, Human Services, Rev Transfers, Workforce Services

Funding Items: Bridgerland Technical College, Davis Technical College, Dixie Technical College, Mountainland Technical College, Ogden-Weber Technical College, Salt Lake Community College, Snow College, Southern Utah University, Southwest Technical College, Tooele Technical College, Uintah Basin Technical College, University of Utah, Utah Board of Higher Education, Utah State University, Utah Tech University, Utah Valley University, Weber State University

Funding Items: Minimum School Program, Restricted Account Transfers, School and Institutional Trust Fund Office, School Building Program, State Board of Education