2022 Primary Election

Candidate Endorsement Tracker

The Citizen Action by Public Employees (CAPE) Committee endorses political candidates and organizes political activities for UPEA. The committee is made up of UPEA members who volunteer their time to interview and endorse public employee-friendly candidates for the upcoming election cycle. The CAPE Committee ensures that public employees have a voice and are represented in the political process.

The CAPE Committee interviews candidates about their position on issues important to public employees including compensation and benefits, retirement, healthcare, and the privatization of government jobs.  Candidates‘ responses are evaluated to determine whether they align with UPEA’s lobbying efforts for public employees. If the candidate is an incumbent, their voting record on public employee issues is also considered.  After the formal interview process and discussion, the CAPE Committee members vote to determine if CAPE will endorse a candidate or remain neutral in a specific political race.

UPEA believes it is important to endorse and elect public employee-friendly candidates. These individuals determine and establish pay and benefits.  Through the power of voting, public employees can influence who will represent them on crucial issues.

The candidates listed below have been endorsed by the CAPE Committee for the General Election on Tuesday, November 8th 2022.  This list will be updated continuously to reflect any changes as the election cycle progresses.

DistrictEndorsed Candidate
House 3Dan Johnson
House 5Rep. Casey Snider
House 6Rep. Matthew Gwynn
House 7Rep. Ryan Wilcox
House 10Rosemary Lesser
House 19Rep. Ray Ward
House 20Rep. Melissa Ballard
House 21Rep. Sandra Hollins
House 22Rep. Jen Dailey-Provost
House 23Rep. Brian King
House 24Rep. Joel Briscoe
House 25Rep. Angela Romero
House 26Rep. Elizabeth Weight
House 27Rep. Clare Collard
House 31Rep. Karen Kwan
House 33Rep. Doug Owens
House 34Rep. Carol Spackman Moss
House 35Rep. Mark Wheatley
House 36Rep. Jim Dunnigan
House 37Rep. Ashlee Matthews
House 40Rep. Andrew Stoddard
House 41Rep. Gay Lynn Bennion
House 42Rep. Robert Spendlove
House 43Rep. Steve Eliason
House 45Rep. Susan Pulsipher
House 46Rep.
Jeff Stenquist
House 48Rep. Katie Olsen
House 54Rep. Nikki Ray Pino
House 58Rep. Keven Stratton
House 61Rep. Marsha Judkins
House 64Rep. Jefferson Burton
House 65Rep. Douglas Welton
House 67Rep. Christine Watkins
House 70Rep. Carl Albrecht
DistrictEndorsed Candidate
Senate 6Sen. Jerry Stevenson
Senate 11Sen. Daniel Thatcher
Senate 12Karen Mayne
Senate 14Stephanie Pitcher
Senate 28Evan Vickers