We are Utah Public Employees Association

UPEA’s professional staff work tirelessly for Utah’s public employees.

Meet the UPEA officers to learn who’s fighting for your rights.

Each committee meets about 2-5 times a year, in the evening during the week.

About Us

UPEA is the largest labor organization representing public employees in Utah —working to ensure they are protected, compensated, and appreciated. UPEA has fought for the advancement and rights of Utah’s public employees since 1959. The organization was the first voice for public employees in Utah and has been instrumental in securing the benefits and protections in place today.

UPEA Staff

Meet our professional staff dedicated to advocating for public employee rights in Utah.

Todd Losser

UPEA Executive Director

Angie Mann

Accountant - Serves district 98 (retirees)

Jessica Bruner

Employee Relations Representative - Serves districts 5, 11 & 15

Valerie Marin

Employee Relations Repesentative - Serves districts 1, 2 & 10

Shaylee McDaniel

Field Services Coordinator

Paige Barnson

Employee Relations Repesentative - Serves districts 4, 6 & 13

Blake Townsend

Employee Relations Representative - Serves districts 7, 8, 12 & 14

UPEA State Board of Directors

UPEA’s board is an elected council of public employees who are fighting for your rights in our state.

Christie Workman - President


Jackie Pino - 1st Vice President

Law Enforcement

Craig Greenberg - 2nd Vice President

Law Enforcement

Dennis Kay - Past President

Color Country

Judy Kearns

Bear River

Alene Stringham

Ogden Valley

Rod Andrews


Michael LaPray


Matt Briggs

Law Enforcement

Andrew Pacejka

Law Enforcement

Dillon Pitchforth


Join Utah Public Employees Association Standing Comittee

Joining a standing committee is a great option for members looking to take an active role in UPEA. These committees provide direct input and recommendations from the general membership to the Advisory Council and State Board. UPEA encourages members from all districts to become involved in one or more of these committees, share their input, and actively work toward the improvement of public employment. Members who cannot travel to the UPEA headquarters in Murray may participate virtually.