Dennis Kay

Thank you for your consideration of me as a candidate for the Utah Public Employees’ Association’s Second Vice President.  I hope you agree that my experience and training make me the best candidate to represent UPEA and public employees.  I have worked and lived for most of my career in Southwestern Utah with the Department of Natural Resources. I signed up as a member of UPEA on February 1, 1973, the same day I became a full-time employee of the state of Utah.  I am also proud to be a retired Utah public employee.

One of my personal highlights of service with UPEA has been the opportunity to serve as the President of our Association.  I served as an officer from 2011-2015.  My term of office came at a particularly demanding period as Utah’s governments dealt with the challenges of the Great Recession.

We, UPEA, were able to help defend against aggressive efforts to eliminate the public employees’ merit system, workplace protections, as well as health care and retirement benefits.

In addition, I offer the following qualifications for you to consider as a candidate for Second Vice President and, if elected, to serve as President of UPEA:

  • Current Advisory Council member
  • Current Color Country District Board member
  • Current CAPE Committee member
  • Current Bylaws Committee member

During my term as President of UPEA and as part of my four-year term as an officer, I also served in the following positions:

  • Chair of the Resolutions Committee
  • Chair of the Legislative Committee

I have served a number of terms on the Citizen Action by Public Employees (CAPE) Committee, and have held both the Vice Chair and the Chair positions. Through the CAPE Committee, UPEA has supported and helped to elect hundreds of candidates for public office who truly value the public employees of Utah and its local governments. I feel particularly fortunate to be part of what UPEA has been able to accomplish through CAPE.

If elected as your Second Vice President of UPEA, I would be in a position to help these same elected officials gain a better understanding of UPEA and its members.  They need this information to be able to effectively support us.

As an officer I will promote a fair and competitive salary and benefit package, a team-oriented work environment, and respect and cooperation from political leaders.  Fair employee compensation should be the top priority for UPEA members and our elected officials. In pursuit of this team approach I will propose that the legislature place employee compensation and benefits decisions first on their agenda.

To achieve these goals I want and need your vote. I hope you agree that my experience and training make me the best candidate to represent UPEA and public employees in this important office.

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