Lori Benton

I would like to introduce myself to those who may not know me. My name is Lori Benton and I am running for 2nd Vice President of UPEA.  I have worked for the state for 21 years with three different agencies. My job duties have included:  Accounting, Payroll, Human Resources technician and as a State Payroll Specialist.  I am currently employed as a Financial Analyst II for the Utah Department of Transportation.  I have been active with UPEA for 20 years.  During that time I have served in numerous capacities, I have been elected as Chapter President, District Chair and Treasurer. Currently, I am serving on the Advisory Committee and State Board. I have also been a member of all the various committees that are authorized through UPEA.  The knowledge and information I have acquired from serving on these committees makes me believe I am the best person for the 2nd Vice President position.

I have a thorough knowledge of what UPEA does for you as employees, and what we need to do on an ongoing basis.  Being a currently employed member, I am dealing with the same things that all working employees are while still believing in the importance of all our retirees.  When the Legislature makes a decision, it affects me just as it does you.  There are so many things that I can offer to you as members.  I will give you my time, my experience, and my understanding of what is needed.  I am happy to devote my time to make our jobs more rewarding and to help us increase our opportunities as Government Employees.  I will always be available to listen to your hopes and your concerns.  I will be YOUR officer that is there to work for YOU.  Please as you vote for the 2nd VP, consider all that I can offer you and the benefits of having me there to work for and with you.

When you see that ballot arrive, please vote for me – as a vote for me…is a vote for ALL OF YOU!

Thank you,

Lori Benton

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