Participate in a UPEA Standing Committee

One great way to contribute and take an active role in UPEA is by participating in a standing committee. Each of these committees is a forum where ideas become actions.

UPEA standing committees provide direct input and recommendations from the general membership and districts to the Advisory Council and State Board. UPEA encourages members from all districts to become involved in these committees, share their input, and actively work toward the improvement of public employment. Members who cannot travel to the UPEA headquarters in Murray may participate online.

This committee reviews and monitors health insurance and retirement issues.
Staff Contacts: Sam Unruh

This committee is responsible to track any changes to DHRM Rules and Regulations being proposed by DHRM or other legislative bodies. The secondary purpose of this committee is to review other Human Resource policies pertaining to specific state agencies and/or local government agencies.
Staff Contacts: Hannah Gorski & Sam Unruh

This committee reviews employee grievances where the employee is requesting additional representation by UPEA and UPEA legal counsel. Recommendations are then taken to the Board and voted upon by this body.
Staff Contacts: Hannah Gorski

This committee determines the UPEA legislative platform for upcoming years and monitor upcoming issues being addressed through interim committees.
Staff Contacts: Todd Losser & Kendle Zdunich

This committee looks at what UPEA offers its members and work to enhance these opportunities. They also explore options to improve public relations and bolster membership.
Staff Contacts: Kendle Zdunich & Sam Unruh

This committee reviews UPEA’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws and make recommended changes which are then voted upon by the Advisory Council and State Board which is then voted upon during General Council.

Recommends resolutions to UPEA’s Bylaws and Policy and Platform.
Staff Contacts: Hannah Gorski

Each committee meets about 2-5 times a year, in the evening during the week. Meetings are held at UPEA’s office in Murray (1000 West Bellwood Lane, Murray UT 84123). A light dinner is provided for participants. You can also attend most meetings via conference call. If you live outside of SLCo and travel to the UPEA office to participate you will receive mileage reimbursement.

UPEA Standing Committee Sign-up Form

Members, please complete the following form with your name and email, before selecting the standing committees you’d like to participate in.

Members can serve on any committee and there is no limit to how many you can join.