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Joining a standing committee is a great option for members looking to take an active role in UPEA. These committees provide direct input and recommendations from the general membership to the Advisory Council and State Board.

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UPEA encourages members from all districts to become involved in one or more of these committees, share their input, and actively work toward the improvement of public employment. Members who cannot travel to the UPEA headquarters in Murray may participate virtually.

Grievance Appeal & Representation

Staff Contact: Todd Losser

Reviews the employee grievance process. Determines additional representation requests from UPEA members and provides recommendations to the UPEA Board on grievance appeals.

Human Resource Policy & Rules

Staff Contact: Paige Barnson

Responsible for tracking and providing input regarding rules proposed by the Department of Human Resource Management and other rule making entities. Reviews the human resource policies for local jurisdictions.

Insurance & Retirement

Staff Contact: Jessica Bruner & Paige Barnson

Oversees and provides input on issues related to the Utah Retirement System (URS) and Public Employees Health Plan (PEHP). Provides recommendations to the UPEA Legislative Committee on retirement and health insurance matters.


Staff Contact: Todd Losser

Determines UPEA’s legislative priorities. Reviews and monitors bills from prior legislative sessions and surveys the membership on current and existing issues. Monitors the legislative interim sessions.

Membership Services & Public Relations

Staff Contacts: Jessica Bruner & Paige Barnson

Manages the public relations program for UPEA. Directs the Association’s social media presence, website, and membership communications. Explores vendor relationships and creates membership recruitment opportunities and incentives.

Training, Education, Activism, & Membership (TEAM)

Staff Contacts: Angie Mann

Creates, plans, and produces membership training. Assists with district activities and socials. Develops an annual membership event. Provides input to the Membership Services & Public Relations Committee regarding recruitment.

Articles & Bylaws

Staff Contact: Audry Wood

Annually reviews UPEA’s Restated Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to ensure consistency with state statute and the Association’s mission statement. Recommend changes to the Advisory Council and Board for their considerations.


Staff Contact: Valerie Marin

Plans, creates, and drafts UPEA’s Policy and Platform statement based on the Resolutions that are submitted by the Association’s Districts, Committees, and membership. Determines whether a Resolution will be included in the Platform.

Join a UPEA Standing Committee

Each committee meets about 2-5 times a year, in the evening during the week. Meetings are held at UPEA’s office in Murray (1000 West Bellwood Lane, Murray UT 84123). A light dinner is provided for participants. You can also attend most meetings via conference call. If you live outside of SLCo and travel to the UPEA office to participate you will receive mileage reimbursement.

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